Terms and Conditions

The customers shall irrevocably agree and undertake to obey the rules of this website, contracts or the legislation in force when making use of services, creating account or giving an order through the webshop and also to act according to the public decency.

Hereby the subject of this Agreement is establishment of the coordination and connection through the webshop between CECCI and the customers, preserving registrations and informations of the customers and creating their own accounts, providing online sale of products/designs and with reference to legally provide sales of the products/designs and to deliver, according to the Consumer Protection Law, the Law of İntellectual Property, the Regulation regarding the Distance Sales and in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation which shall cover the rights and obligations of the parties.

To shop online on this webshop; being legal age (the orders which are given by minors, CECCI shall assume and accept that they received approval and permission by their parents or legal guardian and the responsibility for the secretion of bankcard or confidential and privileged information belong to the parents and legal guardians, in this respect CECCI shall not have any legal or punitive responsibility or liability. CECCI shall consider the age which is written on the registration or the order forms filled by the customers, for granted. However, CECCI shall not have any responsibility or liability by reason of the fact that the costumer’s disinformation), to fill in the identity and bankcard informations correctly and completely on demand of this webshop, not to be temporarily or indefinitely removed from online shopping by CECCI and should read, accept and be informed* about this agreement with “Payment Options”, “Shipment and Delivery Information” and “Privacy Policy and Cookies”

        *CECCI shall accept and assume that each customer read all these agreements before giving an order or shopping online on this webshop, in the contrary case, CECCI shall not have any legal or punitive responsibility or liability about the customers who have not read.

The customers shall be liable for following the amendments of this agreement. After the amendments to be made in this Agreement, to continue to use this webshop or in any case to give an order, shall mean the acceptance of this amendments by the customers.

The costumers’ membership or their orders shall be able to temporarily or permanently nullify by CECCI without any notice, in case of their malicious or wrongful act in a way contrary to the law in connection with provided services through the webshop. In this regard, the consumers irrevocably agree and undertake to not to take any advantage of the webshop services and not to claim against CECCI.

CECCI and the customers shall be legally independent parties. There shall not be any affiliate of partnership, representment, deputation or employee-employer relation between them.

The customers shall irrevocably agree that they are definitely, apprehensively and properly informed about www.cecci.nl

1. Order

1.1 The customers shall irrevocably agree and undertake that they have read the articles of this agreement and be informed about preliminary information before creating their accounts or giving their order through the webshop.

1.2 CECCI shall give of its best to update the products’ current stock status. All of our handmade products are made to order, which means, we shall make them as soon as you have placed your order in the requested size. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your order to be made by us for you. In case the material is out of stock at our supplier we will update you and we will provide you with a new estimated time for your order to be ready.

For the in stock items counts: Nevertheless, the current stock status of the products which seem appropriate to order through the webshop, may change or the products may be out of the stocks at the date and time of the order. In this case, the customers shall irrevocably agree and undertake that CECCI shall not have any legal or punitive responsibility and not to demand for any right, compensation, interest or such requests from CECCI.

Besides CECCI shall provide the information and confirmation about the products’ procurement or current stock status within 10 (ten) working days. If the products are out of the stocks, the customers can wait for the new products are back in stocks or disappearance of the obstructive situation to delivery and they will be informed about the new dates of the orders by CECCI. In addition, CECCI shall inform the customers about the right to cancel or replace their order with another products through the webshop.

If the customers use the right to replace the order after being informed about the stock status, CECCI shall agree and undertake to send the new replaced order within 7 (seven) working days for the domestic sales and within 10 (ten) working days for the international sales by your chosen way of shipping, to the declared address by the customers.

If the customer use the right to cancel their order, CECCI shall refund the product cost which is encashed through the web-store, within 30 days from the date of payment and in the same method of the payment. In such case the customers shall irrevocably agree and undertake that they shall not demand any rights or pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages from CECCI or the web-store.

1.3 CECCI shall reserve the right to alter or adjust the price of its products at any given time at our discretion. CECCI shall also reserve the right to mention the right price for an item when it was incorrectly mentioned on the website at the time of placing consumers’ order.

If there is any price wrongness or mistake of the products in fact which is arising from typesetting or system error on this webshop, the commercial books and the price lists of CECCI which is available in stockist store address will be valid for the real prices. The price wrongness or mistake in fact shall be changed urgently by CECCI and the order payments will be collected and invoiced based on the right prices.

1.4 For the late deliveries which is arising from CECCI mistakes, the customers shall have the right to cancel the order.

2. Payment

2.1. The consumers shall irrevocably agree and undertake to obey the rules of payment system and  payment options which are offered by CECCI for the product orders and payment transaction processes through the webshop, www.cecci.nl

2.2 The customers shall make the order payments via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, iDeal or bank transfer.

Payments are serviced by PayLane sp. z o.o. which is located in Gdańsk at ul. Arkońska 6

2.3 When the order is submitted, the customers will receive a notice about the payment of their purchase.

2.4 The customers can make contact to be informed or any questions about their orders at https://cecci.shoplo.com/page/contact-us

2.5 CECCI or the web-shop may request the Credit Card verification process from the consumers, where considered necessary for payments made by credit card. The customers shall be obliged to provide all the documents requested by the webshop for security of the sale process. CECCI or the webshop can nullify the credit card transaction without showing any reason, if it does not meet the safety criteria and can start legal proceeding.

2.6 The customers shall irrevocably agree and undertake to send back the received order to CECCI within 10 days, if the bank or any other financial institution does not pay the ordered product price to CECCI by reason of wrongfully or unlawfully usage of consumer’s credit card by unauthorized persons. In such cases, the delivery charge will be paid by the consumers.

2.7 If the customers prefer to make payment by the credit card, they shall irrevocably agree and undertake that to be liable and responsible for the interest, default interest and to perform their legal obligations of Banking Law and the credit card agreement between the customers and the bank.

3 Shipping and Delivery

3.1 All orders will be shipped by your chosen delivery service. That you can choose from when placing your order.

3.2 The shipment charges are set in 5 categories; Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, EU and World Wide. The delivery period can change depending upon the place and country of the shipment. We try to provide you estimated delivery time when possible but unfortunately DHL does not have exact delivery period for most parts of EU and outside EU.

3.3 The shipment charges will be based on the average weight and shipping location. According to the company policy, CECCI shall work hard to keep these costs very minimal, to not influence the purchase. We preferable choose the shipping method of DHL and UPS so that your package has a tracking which will be most easy to stay up to date of your parcel.

3.3 International custom duties and sales taxes of the orders will not be refunded for shipments outside of The Netherlands.

4 Delivery Status

4.1 When the orders leave CECCI’s warehouse, the customers can receive a dispatch number from PostNL, DHL or UPS via e-mail to track their orders. In this respect, if the customers submit their email addresses incorrectly, CECCI shall not have any legal or punitive liability for incorrectly sent emails. For the reason that the notification system does not work automatic yet, the customers who is not received any notification for their orders, they can contact with CECCI customer service for more information. The customers can trace their orders, the next day on the provided website of the chosen shipment company.

5 Product Quality – Defective Goods

5.1 The photos which are shown on the webshop and galleries, are carefully shot by CECCI. This photos to show the customers every detail about our CECCI products. The purpose of CECCI is to make photos where the product is shown at its best. If in some way the ordered product is damaged or doesn't correspond with the images presented in the gallery, the customers will be able to contact with CECCI within 24 hours after they received the ordered product. The customers shall send an email to CECCI with a photograph of the ordered product and its fault to info@cecci.nl and CECCI shall contact you within the period of 3 days from the date of receipt the email.

5.2 Principally, CECI shall determine if there is any possibility to repair or remedy the fault of the product which is unused, with price label and original package. If this is not possible, CECCI shall replace the product. If CECCI shall be unable to replace the product or remedy the fault then CECCI shall give the customers a discount code with the amount they have paid.

5.3 When CECCI receives the product and determine the fault, the customers will be informed and a new product will be sent return-shipping cost paid by CECCI will refund them for the product and the return-shipping costs.

5.4 The processes of return, cancellation, payment-refund and transactions shall be performed through the webshop in accordance with the Banking Law and the credit card agreement between the customer and the bank.

5.5 In case, the right of return is used by the customers, the payments will not be refunded until the products are delivered to CECCI. If the product had bought on installments, the payment will be refunded by instalments to the customers’ bank account through the bank. CECCI shall not have any responsibility or liability for the amount of the refund or instalments.

6. CECCI’s Return and Refund Policy

6.1 All sales shall be final on sale items, International orders, Special orders, Gift packages, Socks, Underwear. CECCI shall not do price adjustments and or price matching. The customers have the right to open the package and check the contents, but the product must be returned unused.

The return or refund must be filed within 7 (seven) days after receiving the customers’ ordered products. All returned products must be returned usable and marketable and with original packaging, price labels, original sales receipt, dispatch list and a return authorization number and without any damage. The customers shall be responsible for the product until it is delivered to CECCI. The return must be returned with both the original sales receipt and a return authorization number. The customers shall irrevocably accept and undertake to submit the dispatch note for return the product to trace the delivery process by CECCI

According to Tax Procedural Law General Communique Law no.385, the customers shall fill in the return part wholly and correctly, which has been left at the bottom of two receipts that will submit with the ordered product and the receipts must be signed by the customers to complete the return process. The customer shall irrevocably agree and undertake to send the product with the original copy of receipt to CECCI address and shall keep the other duplicate receipt by their side and they shall pay all the return shipping costs.

6.2 Return Policy Requirements

CECCI shall reserve the right to refuse to demand of return or exchange if the ordered product in question does not meet the predetermined standards. Where provided, all original packaging to accompany the item must be included and returned in its original condition. Items that are damaged or have been worn may not be accepted, and may be sent back to the customers.

6.3 Unauthorised Returns

Return on sale items are not accepted

Any ordered product, returned to CECCI / CECCI.nl without a return authorization number, the return demandent customer shall pay a non-negotiable restocking fee at 25% of the cost of the ordered product, excluding tax and shipping.

6.4 Will the customers be charged shipping for a return?

The customers shall be responsible for return shipping costs and CECCI shall recommend purchasing delivery confirmation or tracking. In the event that the customers shall choose to forget secured tracking, CECCI / CECCI.nl shall not be responsible for the package if it is lost or otherwise not received.

7. Exchange / Exchange Policy

If the customers choose the right of exchange the ordered product, they must send an email to  info@cecci.nl

8 Discount Codes

8.1 The discount code shall be valid for a period of three months and can be used for full or part payment of orders via CECCI. Discount codes shall not be personal and be valid for three months from the date when items have been returned back to CECCI. The discount codes shall not be exchanged for cash.

8.2  The coupon code shall be use for once and expire after the costumer use it to purchase from the webshop. For this reason if there is a remaining amount, CECCI advise to shop in the amount of the discount code and add some extra items to complete the shortfall amount.

9. Webshop

9.1 The customers shall irrevocably agree and undertake to not make any legal or punitive demand from CECCI, due to temporary or permanent breakdown, the updates or the update delay and any case of processing failures or archiving on the webshop.

9.2 If you experience technical problems above-mentioned, the customers shall be able to contact with the costumer service and CECCI inform them within 3 days .

9.3 All content of CECCI, including photographs on our website and Instagram page, logos, and videos belong to CECCI or other parties and brands that CECCI closely works with.

10. Force Majeure

10.1 The customers shall irrevocably agree and undertake that CECCI and the webshop do not make any commitment about quality, originality and guarantee apart from the information of the products for sale which is written on this webshop within the scope of Consumer Protection Law no.4077. In case of force majeure CECCI may not fulfill its obligations.

10.2 The conditions shall be considered as the cause of force majeure condition, (natural disaster, war, terror, riot, legislation provisions, seisin or strike, lockout, significant failure in production and communication facilities...) if it was non-existent or unpredictable at the date of this contract and had been taken place beyond the control of the parties. When the time of one of these condition occurs, if it precludes to fulfill the obligations and liabilities of CECCI partially or wholly or in the course of time, CECCI shall immediately notify the situation in written to the customers. During the force majeure conditions, if CECCI fails to fulfill their liabilities, CECCI shall not have any responsibility or liability of this sale process. Hereby, if this force majeure conditions remain for 10 (ten) days, each party shall be entitled to terminate this sale process.

11. Press, Feedback and Enquiries

If the customers would like to use some of the content or photographs from the webshop, the gallery, the blog or if would like to have some information about the CECCI, they shall be able to contact with CECCI.

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